How Today I Cried Works

As it’s been mentioned the idea of this blog is to get men to open up and vent their emotions in a safe anonymous environment.

For this to work, you simply need to comment your entry on a blog post... you do have to put a name, you can choose to put “anon”, “Mr A”, another name that’s not yours or you can obviously put your own name if you want! I have no objection to that!

Once I’ve seen you’ve commented your entry, I will then turn your comment into its own blog entry and delete the comment.

Please use this appropriately as anything inappropriate will be deleted. Let’s help ourselves open up and normalise being able to have these emotions.

Obviously I would love it if you shared the page and told people... you may never know who needs it and could help someone in a bad space that just wants to be able to vent these negative emotions!!


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